Rethinking retail

plinc! is set to revolutionise the way people experience online retail. We are crafting a meaningful experience for customers of all ages and passions.


Our expertise is laser focused on producing a new social media platform that will enable users to celebrate, share and purchase their objects of desire all in one place.

Create and share wishlist from your favourite brands

Keep tabs on spending with wishlist totals

Purchase everything with one click

Earn rewards as a plinc! influencer

Working together to create delight

Making a great social experience is a close collaboration.

That’s why we’ve assembled a world class team of researchers, engineers and designers to create plinc! However there is one magic ingredient every great social platform needs, that’s you!


We’re currently in the early stages of our journey and we are actively seeking users to join in helping create the best experience possible. If you want to be amongst the first people to experience the magic please sign on for updates

Native Browser plugin

A dedicated Chrome extension allows saving items wherever you surf.

Dynamic feeds

Dynamic content tailored to your passions and your interests is a click away.

Social sharing

Social at the centre, the plinc! platform is designed for sharing and collaboration.

Collaborative wishlists

Create unique collections with friends and family to share and buy.

One click purchasing

API integration allows you to purchase whole wishlists from multiple merchants.

Naturally responsive

Use plinc across desktop tablet and mobile, on the go, all the time.

Word of mouth

We're already getting good vibes...

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OMG just what I’m looking for, you won’t believe the number of browser tabs I have open when I’m web hopping! Nightmare just to find anything...

Kate Fox

Web Designer

Love the idea as it’s tough getting the right gifts for people. If I can create birthday wishlists for my kids to share that would make my life a load easier.


Working Mum

I adore the idea, Pinterest for shopping. There’s loads of times when I need things I’ve saved in shopping baskets and I can’t find them or lost them.



Share wishlist with your mates just makes things like birthdays a lot easier when you don’t have to guess what people want.


Web Developer

Neat idea. My wife and I are at an age where most of our friends are getting married, having a wish list where you can keep track of all the gifts is super.

Neil Pittman


I like the way it’s all layed out, makes things very easy to find. The feed is great, having stuff pops up that  I’m intersted in is brilliant.